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Big Daddy Casino Owner Wins Haryana Elections

Gopal Kanda is the Big Daddy Casino owner in Goa. He has made history by winning a seat in the Haryana legislative assembly elections. Running under his party, the Haryana Lokhit Party, he secured victory in Sirsa by a narrow margin. Despite previous political and business endeavors, Kanda’s success is noteworthy. His endeavors include a stint as a cabinet minister and ownership of Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd. He is the first casino owner to win an Indian election. With his support critical in the hung verdict, he stands poised to influence the formation of the state government in Haryana.

Gopal Kanda is the proprietor of Golden Globe Hotels Pvt. Ltd (GGHPL). He oversees operations at Casino Big Daddy. The Big Daddy Casino owner has emerged victorious in the Sirsa assembly constituency elections in Haryana. With a longstanding presence in Haryana’s political scene, Kanda’s career has been marked by controversy. It includes several pending criminal cases against him. His success in the assembly polls marks a significant milestone. He is the inaugural casino owner in India to both contest and secure victory in elections.

A Closer Look at Gopal Kanda's Election Victory and Future in Politics

Big Daddy Casino owner, Gopal Kanda, clinches victory in Haryana Assembly Elections

Gopal Kanda is a figure known for his dual roles as both a businessman and a politician with a checkered past. The Big Daddy Casino owner has secured a win. He achieved this victory in the recent Haryana assembly elections. Kanda’s ownership of Casino Big Daddy adds an intriguing dimension to his political success. The casino is managed under his company Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd (GGHPL). Situated on the banks of the River Mandovi in Goa, Casino Big Daddy also hosts Spartan Poker’s renowned poker room, Spartan LIVE. This triumph marks a historic moment as Kanda becomes the first casino owner in India to attain electoral victory.

This year, Kanda once again contested and emerged victorious from the Sirsa assembly constituency. However, the election results in Haryana revealed a hung verdict. This prompted Kanda to offer unconditional support to the BJP, which fell short of a majority by six seats.

Nevertheless, Kanda’s controversial background is characterized by numerous pending criminal cases. These cases include serious allegations such as abetment to suicide, criminal conspiracy, and income tax evasion. These allegations may hinder his aspirations for a prominent role in government. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has stated that the BJP will not entertain Kanda’s support. This suggests potential obstacles on his path to political power.

Revealing the Unsettling Story of Accusations and Political Moves

Controversy and intrigue fill the story of Gopal Kanda. The allegations of Big Daddy Casino owner intertwine with political maneuvers in his narrative.

One such tale revolves around the tragic fate of 23-year-old Geetika Sharma. Her employment history includes a role at Kanda’s now-defunct MDLR Airlines, launched in 2007. In August 2012, Sharma’s life came to a devastating end. She succumbed to suicide at her father’s residence in Delhi’s Ashok Vihar. In a heartfelt message, she accused Kanda and his associate Aruna Chadha of sexually harassing her.

The situation became dramatic when Govind Kanda, Gopal’s brother, showed up dramatically at the Ashok Vihar police station. He announced that his sibling was surrendering. Evading multiple checkpoints in a Bollywood-style escapade, Kanda eventually turned himself in. His entourage and the crew of his STV Haryana News accompanied him. After his arrest, Kanda spent eighteen months in jail. After the withdrawal of the rape charge, authorities granted him bail in March 2014.

Despite his legal battles, Kanda ventured into politics. He established the Haryana Lokhit Party shortly after his release on bail. However, his entry into the political arena during the 2014 assembly elections ended in a resounding defeat. He heavily relied on religious appeals during his campaign.

The controversies surrounding Kanda extend beyond the tragic case of Geetika Sharma. In 2008, Income Tax officers faced assault during a raid on MDLR Airlines, a year before its closure. Even after being cleared of charges in 2012 while serving as a minister, Kanda’s association with Ponzi schemes raised further eyebrows. In 2016, the Peal Groups promoter Nirmal Singh Bhangoo arrested for an alleged fraudulent investment scheme. During the arrest, Kanda’s name emerged among the beneficiaries. The Economic Offences Wing booked him, but the subsequent investigation did not progress. This left unanswered questions.

Big Daddy Casino Owner Gopal Kanda Involved in Sonali Phogat Case

As the tragic story of Sonali Phogat’s death unfolds, politician and controversial figure Gopal Kanda is once again caught up in controversy. Kanda is popular for being the Big Daddy Casino owner in Goa. His name has surfaced in connection with the Sonali Phogat case. This comes amidst his frequent entanglements with scandal.

Recent reports suggest the alleged involvement of Gopal Kanda in the ongoing investigation. Sonali Phogat’s manager Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder are reportedly long-standing acquaintances of Kanda. Allegations from Phogat’s family suggest that Kanda is protecting Sukhwinder and Sangwan. Both had worked for him before. This is thereby impeding their arrest by the Goa police. These individuals were reportedly with Phogat before her death.

Phogat’s family has escalated their accusations. They claim that Kanda is meddling in the investigation. They also allege that he is pressuring the Goa police to hastily close the case as a “heart attack.” The family refuses to accept Phogat’s body until they receive justice. They are demanding intervention from the CBI or an autopsy conducted at AIIMS in Delhi.

In a formal complaint lodged with the Anjuna police in North Goa, Sonali Phogat’s brother, Rinku Dhaka, alleges that his sister was drugged, raped, and subsequently murdered. He claims that the perpetrators were individuals known to her. This includes her personal assistant and associate. Furthermore, Dhaka hints at a possible political conspiracy orchestrated by Phogat’s adversaries. The family believes that Kanda played a role in obstructing justice. However, the complaint does not mention his name. They directly accuse him of involvement in Sonali Phogat’s alleged murder.



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