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TFI Fans Cricket League Match Fixtures, Teams, and Points Table

The TFI Fans Cricket League (TFC League) brought a lot of excitement to cricket fans in January. This event featured top stars from Tollywood (the Telugu film industry) playing cricket, thrilling fans.

Twelve teams made up of Telugu heroes’ supporters compete in the TFI Supporters Cricket T20 competition. The teams are divided into four groups. Group A includes teams for Balakrishna, Pawan Kalyan, and Junior NTR. Group B has Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja. Meanwhile, Group C features Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and Nagarjuna. Lastly, Group D consists of fans of Venkatesh, Allu Arjun, and Ram Charan.

Many Tollywood superstars have generated a lot of excitement around this competition. It’s also become popular on social media, with teams named after their favorite heroes.

Let’s look back at the exciting atmosphere and the teams that took part. We’ll also explore the league’s journey through the match fixtures and final points table.

TFI Fans Cricket League Schedule

The TFI Fans Cricket tournament featured 19 matches. It kicked off on January 29, Monday, and ran until February 2. Such a tournament took place at the AM Cricket Ground in Aliz Nagar, Hyderabad. The T20 cricket event started with a match between Pawan Kalyan fans’ Hungry Cheetahs and Jr. NTR’s Tigers XI. The TFI Fans Cricket League concluded with a final showdown between the Hungry Cheetahs and the Roaring Rebels.

TFI Fans Cricket League Teams

  • NBK Lions

  • Hungry Cheetahs

  • Tigers XI

  • Jai Chiranjeeva

  • Team Eagle

  • Thammudu XI

  • Globe Trotters

  • Nag Kings

  • Roaring Rebels

  • Venky Warriors

  • ICON StAArs

  • GameChangers

T20 TFI Fans Cricket League Fixtures

January Matches

MatchDateTeam 1Team 2Result
LEAGUE MATCHES29-Jan-24Hungry Cheetahs (181/5)Tigers XI (109/10)Hungry Cheetahs won by 72 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES29-Jan-24GameChangers (152/10)Icon StAArs (153/5)Icon StAArs won by 5 wickets
LEAGUE MATCHES29-Jan-24Roaring Rebels (190/7)Globe Trotters (104/10)Roaring Rebels won by 86 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES30-Jan-24Team Eagle (49/10)Thammudu XI (53/1)Thammudu XI won by 9 wickets
LEAGUE MATCHES30-Jan-24Icon StAArs (186/9)Venky Warriors (55/10)Icon StAArs won by 131 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES30-Jan-24Globe Trotters (232/10)Nag Kings (192/6)Globe Trotters won by 40 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES30-Jan-24Jai Chiranjeeva (213/7)Team Eagle (154/6)Jai Chiranjeeva won by 59 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES30-Jan-24NBK Lions (96/10)Tigers XI (97/2)Tigers XI won by 8 wickets
LEAGUE MATCHES31-Jan-24Jai Chiranjeeva (133/10)Thammudu XI (137/2)Thammudu XI won by 8 wickets
LEAGUE MATCHES31-Jan-24Hungry Cheetahs (157/9)NBK Lions (155/10)Hungry Cheetahs won by 2 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES31-Jan-24Roaring Rebels (246/6)Nag Kings (120/10)Roaring Rebels won by 126 runs
LEAGUE MATCHES31-Jan-24GameChangers (182/7)Venky Warriors (140/8)GameChangers won by 42 runs

Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, & Finals

MatchDateTeam 1Team 2Result
QUARTER FINAL01-Feb-24Jai Chiranjeeva (129/10)Hungry Cheetahs (130/6)Hungry Cheetahs won by 4 wickets
QUARTER FINAL01-Feb-24ICON StAArs (217/9)Globe Trotters (107/10)ICON StAArs won by 110 runs
QUARTER FINAL01-Feb-24Roaring Rebels (218/9)GameChangers (92/10)Roaring Rebels won by 126 runs
QUARTER FINAL01-Feb-24Thammudu XI (144/10)Tigers XI (149/4)Tigers XI won by 6 wickets
SEMI FINAL02-Feb-24Hungry Cheetahs (226/5)ICON StAArs (112/10)Hungry Cheetahs won by 114 runs
SEMI FINAL02-Feb-24Roaring Rebels (252/3)Tigers XI (146/9)Roaring Rebels won by 106 runs
FINAL03-Feb-24Hungry Cheetahs (157/7)Roaring Rebels (158/4)Roaring Rebels won by 6 wickets

T20 TFI Fans Cricket League Points Table

Group A

1Hungry Cheetahs2200001.850338/40264/404W-W
2Tigers XI211000-0.096206/30.1277/402L-W
3NBK Lions202000-2.145251/40254/30.10L-L

Group B

1Thammudu XI2200004.331190/20.5182/384W-W
2Jai Chiranjeeva2110000.414346/40291/35.22W-L
3Team Eagle202000-5.089203/38266/25.30L-L

Group C

1Roaring Rebels2200005.579436/38224/384W-W
2Globe Trotters211000-1.211336/38382/382L-W
3Nag Kings202000-4.150312/40478/400L-L

Group D

1Icon StAArs2200004.029339/36.5207/404W-W
3Venky Warriors202000-4.325195/40368/400L-L

Looking Forward

The TFI Fans Cricket League was a hit in January 2024, and fans are eager for more. Let’s take a look at what the future might have in store for this exciting tournament.

  • Possible Expansion: Because of the great feedback, the league might grow in future seasons. They could add more teams for other Tollywood stars. This gives celebrities and fans more chances to participate.

  • Format Variations: In future seasons, they might change how the tournament is set up. They could have teams play everyone else or have a league part and then playoffs. This would give teams more chances to play and make the tournament last longer.

  • Famous Commentators: Having famous cricketers or movie stars as commentators could make the matches even more entertaining. They could share interesting stories and give viewers a new way to look at the games.

The Final Word

The TFI Fans Cricket League mixes movies and cricket in a special way. It’s a big celebration of fans and a place where new players can show their skills. Moreover, it entertains and inspires many people. Looking ahead to the next tournaments, one thing is clear – the TFI Fans Cricket League will keep exciting fans and make a big impact on cricket.



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