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NFC Cricket Ground: Stay Updated with Live Scores

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, the NFC Cricket Ground is a popular spot for cricket fans. The ground has become well-known for hosting various cricket matches. It serves as a venue for under-19 leagues and local club competitions, helping to create a lively cricket scene.

The ground has a well-kept playing surface that is ideal for fast-paced matches. It also likely offers basic amenities such as changing rooms and washrooms, ensuring comfort for both players and spectators.

Additionally, the NFC Cricket Ground offers memberships and ground rentals. The cricket ground allows cricket clubs and teams to regularly schedule matches and tournaments. This helps build a strong cricketing community.

NFC Cricket Ground Record Details

The NFC Cricket Ground hosted one DODI match, where the chasing team won and the team batting first did not win. A total of 239 runs were scored off 438 balls in this match. This averages 239 runs per match with a strike rate of 54.5. The highest score recorded was 120, and the lowest was 119. There were 18 boundaries hit, including 2 sixes and 16 fours.

Analyzing the scores, we see the following distribution: two times between 100-149 runs, and zero times for all other ranges (150-199, 200-249, 250-299, 300-349, 350-399, and 400+ runs).

For wicket analysis, there were 3 LBWs, 3 bowled, 12 catches, 1 run-out, and no stumpings. Right-arm bowlers took all 18 wickets. Medium pacers claimed all of them. Left-arm bowlers did not take any wickets. Specifically, right-arm bowlers took 3 LBWs, 3 bowled, and 12 catches.

Bowlers took 70 wickets in this match with a strike rate of 23.05 and an average of 12.57. Right-handed batsmen were dismissed 18 times and left-handed batsmen once. Right-handed batsmen’s dismissals included 3 LBWs, 2 bowled, and 12 catches. Meanwhile, bowlers dismissed left-handed batsmen once by bowling, with no other types of dismissals.

In terms of fielding, there were 12 catches, no stumpings, one direct throw run-out, and no other throw run-outs.

Recent NFC Cricket Ground Matches

16-Jun-2412 Ov.INTAS CNS Blasters (74/10)

INTAS DIABETIC DIVISION won by 4 wicketsIndividual Match
04-Jun-2420 Ov.Cricket Stars (167/6)

Malkajgiri Cricket Heroes (101/10)
Cricket Stars won by 66 runsIndividual Match
21-Apr-2422 Ov.NFC B (120/11)

NFC A (121/9)
NFC A won by 1 wicketIndividual Match
21-Apr-2425 Ov.PHANTOMS (252/8)

FC HEAT XI (146/10)
PHANTOMS won by 106 runsIndividual Match
14-Apr-2425 Ov.NFC A (148/10)

NFC B (149/6)
NFC B won by 4 wicketsIndividual Match
11-Apr-2425 Ov.NFC A (230/6)

NFC B (183/9)
NFC A won by 47 runsIndividual Match
09-Apr-2420 Ov.NFC B (118/7)

NFC A (91/9)
NFC B won by 27 runsIndividual Match
08-Apr-2420 Ov.NFC A (150/10)

NFC B (127/10)
NFC A won by 23 runsIndividual Match
31-Mar-2425 Ov.HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 (243/8)

TSRTC (154/9)
HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 won by 89 runsIndividual Match
25-Mar-2412 Ov.Weekend Trophy Fighters (96/6)

NFC TEAM (97/3)
NFC TEAM won by 7 wicketsIndividual Match
23-Mar-2430 Ov.J-Followers (282/7)

ThunderWolves CC (230/7)
J-Followers won by 52 runsIndividual Match
17-Mar-2430 Ov.BHEL HYDERABAD (204/10)

HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 (179/9)
BHEL HYDERABAD won by 25 runsIndividual Match
16-Mar-2420 Ov.Friends XI (172/5)

Hyd Falcons XI (128/10)
Friends XI won by 44 runsIndividual Match
02-Mar-2430 Ov.GHMC INSTITUTION (181/7)

HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 (128/10)
GHMC INSTITUTION won by 53 runsIndividual Match
24-Feb-2430 Ov.CANARA BANK INSTITUTION (292/3)

HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 (259/4)
CANARA BANK INSTITUTION won by 33 runsIndividual Match
10-Feb-2420 Ov.Malkajgiri Cricket Heroes (175/6)

Cricket Stars (176/1)
Cricket Stars won by 9 wicketsALL INDIA STATE BANK OF INDIA
10-Feb-2430 Ov.HCA.NFC LEAGUE 2023-2024 (201/8)


Looking Closer Into NFC Cricket Ground Statistics

Live scores give a snapshot of the game. However, real understanding comes from detailed analysis. Here’s how you can explore the matches played at the NFC Cricket Ground in more depth:

  • Match reports: Websites like CricHQ often share post-match reports that examine key moments, player performances, and team strategies. These reports give valuable insights into the cricket matches at the NFC Cricket Ground.

  • Player performance trackers: Websites like Cricinfo and ESPNcricinfo keep detailed player profiles and performance stats across different formats. Analyzing these stats can highlight trends and emerging talents at the NFC Cricket Ground.

  • Expert opinions: Cricket websites and publications often include articles and analyses by famous commentators and former players. These pieces provide valuable insights into the technical and tactical aspects of the game at the NFC Cricket Ground.

By combining live scores with statistical analysis and expert commentary, you can fully understand the cricket action at the NFC Cricket Ground.

Staying Updated: Beyond the Match

Staying updated on the NFC Cricket Ground goes beyond just the current match. Stay in the know with these methods:

  • Upcoming Tournaments: Follow local sports websites or social media pages to stay updated on upcoming tournaments scheduled at the NFC Cricket Ground. This allows you to plan your viewing experience and witness the best local talent in action.

  • Ground Bookings: For cricket enthusiasts who aspire to play on the field, some grounds allow booking for practice sessions or friendly matches. Check the ground’s official website or social media pages (if available) for details on how to book and any fees involved.

  • Local Cricket Community: The NFC Cricket Ground probably supports a local cricket community. Look into connecting with local clubs or academies that use the ground. This could lead to chances to play, attend coaching sessions, or connect with other cricket fans.

A Glimpse into the Future

The future of the NFC Cricket Ground holds promise. With increased community involvement, the ground could become a place that supports young talent. Improving facilities, hosting more tournaments, and attracting sponsors could make it more prominent in local cricket.

Watching the ground’s progress and keeping up with the matches played there will let you see how it grows over time. The NFC Cricket Ground is where new cricket talent and love for the game come together at a grassroots level in India. By staying connected, you can be part of this exciting journey.



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