Box Cricket Bangalore

Box Cricket Bangalore: 20 Best Box Cricket Grounds in Bengaluru

Bangalore, the Garden City of India, is a vibrant hub not just for IT giants but also for passionate cricket fans. Box cricket Bangalore, a fast-paced and exciting variant of the sport, has taken the city by storm.

What is Box Cricket?

Box cricket, also called tennis-ball cricket, is a faster and more intense version of the classic game. Played on a smaller field with a tennis ball, it focuses on quick reflexes, strong hitting, and smart tactics. The smaller size and lighter ball make for a quicker game with lots of boundaries and sixes. It’s perfect for a fast-paced and exciting match.

Box Cricket Rules and Regulations

Apart from the regular cricket rules, box cricket has some interesting rules that make the game even more fun. Since it’s played in a small space, there are special rules to make things fair for both teams. Here are the basics:

  • Teams usually have 6 to 8 players plus one substitute.
  • If there are female players, each team should have an equal number of men and women, like 4:2 or 6:2.
  • Games typically last between five and twelve overs, and bowlers can bowl up to two overs or one-fourth of the total overs.
  • Box cricket has some extra ways to get a batter out.
  • If anything goes outside the playing area, the batter is out.
  • Catching the ball off the sides or the roof counts as a wicket if there are nets.
  • When a team loses a wicket, they often get penalty runs, usually up to -5.
  • Runs scored on the last ball of the inning, called the jackpot ball, are doubled. If it’s a dismissal, the negative runs count double too. This is like a powerplay.
  • Two fielders should be in front of the bowling crease, and two behind it.
  • If a game ends in a tie, a super over decides the winner. But if teams want a quick finish, they can do a coin toss or a one-ball hit out.

Benefits of Box Cricket

Box Cricket Bangalore offers a range of benefits beyond just pure fun. Here are some reasons to consider picking up a bat and joining the box cricket Bangalore scene:

Improved Fitness

The fast-paced nature of box cricket Bangalore provides a great workout. You’ll be running, diving, and throwing, keeping your heart rate up and improving your overall fitness.

Develops Skills

Box Cricket Bangalore helps hone essential cricketing skills like batting, bowling, fielding, and game awareness.

Teamwork and Bonding

Playing box cricket in Bangalore helps build teamwork and communication. You strategize with your teammates and celebrate victories together.

Stress Relief

It’s a fantastic way to de-stress after a long week, providing an outlet for physical activity and friendly competition.


Box Cricket Bangalore allows you to connect with friends and colleagues, build new social circles, and create lasting memories.

Box Cricket Bangalore: Top 20 Grounds for an Unforgettable Experience

Bangalore boasts a thriving box cricket Bangalore scene with numerous well-maintained grounds scattered across the city. Here’s a curated list of the top 20 box cricket Bangalore grounds to elevate your game:

North Bangalore

1. Rush Arena – Rajajinagar

This popular arena offers high-quality turf pitches, floodlights for evening games, and changing rooms for added convenience.

2. Tiger 5 – Manyata Tech Park

Located within the Manyata Tech Park, Tiger 5 offers well-maintained pitches, ample parking space, and a dedicated seating area for spectators.

3. Pro Legacy Sports Academy

Known for its professional coaching and well-equipped facilities, Pro Legacy also boasts excellent box cricket Bangalore grounds with high-quality matting and proper lighting.

Central Bangalore

4. Planet Sports

Situated in the heart of the city, Planet Sports offers multiple box cricket Bangalore grounds with varying sizes and surfaces to cater to different playing styles.

5. Sports Habitat

This multi-sports complex has dedicated box cricket Bangalore grounds with synthetic turf, changing facilities, and on-site refreshments for a complete playing experience.

6. Rush Arena – Kasavanahalli

Another branch of the popular Rush Arena chain, this location offers excellent box cricket Bangalore pitches with proper drainage and advanced lighting systems.

East Bangalore

7. Score Bengaluru

This state-of-the-art facility boasts world-class box cricket Bangalore pitches with superior drainage and advanced lighting systems, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted game.

8. Dribble Arena

A popular choice for both indoor and outdoor sports, Dribble Arena offers well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds with dedicated areas for spectators and refreshments.

South Bangalore

9. Sporthood UWA Turf – Koramangala

This modern facility provides excellent box cricket Bangalore grounds with proper seating arrangements and changing facilities.

10. Kick On Sweat On – HSR Layout

Perfect for a quick game with friends, Kick On Sweat On offers well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds at an affordable price.

11. Rush Arena Old Airport Road

Located near the Old Airport Road, this Rush Arena branch offers top-notch box cricket Bangalore grounds, changing rooms, and on-site refreshments.

West Bangalore

12. Boundless Sports Arena

Situated in Green Glen Layout, Boundless Sports Arena provides well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds and additional facilities for other sports like volleyball and cricket nets. 

13. Play Mania Sports Lounge – Bellandur

This popular sports complex boasts excellent box cricket Bangalore pitches with proper lighting and dedicated areas for spectators. 

14. Dee Sports Academy – Bommanahalli

Dee Sports Academy is not just a training academy. They also offer well-equipped box cricket grounds in Bangalore for casual and competitive matches. They cater to a variety of skill levels. Some grounds feature matting for a more forgiving bounce. Others offer artificial turf for a more traditional cricket experience.

15. The Leisure Box - Marathahalli

This vibrant sports complex provides excellent box cricket facilities in Bangalore. It also offers other recreational activities. You can enjoy a quick game with friends or participate in organized tournaments. The Leisure Box offers high-quality pitches, proper lighting, and a fun atmosphere for all skill levels.

South-East & Beyond

16. The Arena – Whitefield

This multi-sports facility offers well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds with advanced lighting systems and dedicated areas for refreshments and relaxation.

17. Play Arena – Marathahalli

This branch of Play Arena provides excellent box cricket Bangalore pitches with proper drainage and professional-grade matting for a superior playing experience.

18. Golden Leg Football Court – Sarjapur Road

Though primarily a football facility, Golden Leg also offers well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds, perfect for a casual game with friends.

19. The Rink – Sarjapur Road

This modern venue offers excellent box cricket grounds in Bangalore. They have high-quality turf, changing rooms, and plenty of parking space.

20. PlayGround – Electronic City

Located in Electronic City, this facility boasts well-maintained box cricket Bangalore grounds with proper lighting and dedicated areas for spectators.


Choosing the Right Box Cricket Ground

With so many options available, choosing the right box cricket Bangalore ground can be overwhelming. Consider these factors when making your decision: 

1. Location

Pick a ground that’s conveniently located for you and your team. Consider factors like travel time and traffic congestion.

2. Surface

Box cricket Bangalore grounds come in various surfaces, such as matting, synthetic turf, and grass. Choose a surface that suits your playing style and preferences. Matting offers a consistent bounce, while grass provides a more traditional cricket experience. 

3. Amenities

 Consider the additional features offered by the ground. Do they have changing rooms, showers, parking facilities, or refreshment options?

4. Price

Box cricket Bangalore ground prices can vary depending on location, facilities, and playing time. Set a budget and choose a ground that fits within your range.

5. Ratings and Reviews

Check online platforms and reviews from other players to get a feel for the ground’s quality, maintenance, and overall experience. 

Essential Box Cricket Gear

To truly elevate your box cricket Bangalore game, consider investing in some essential gear:

The Cricket Stumps' Evolution and History

  • Bat: Choose a good quality bat made from willow or another suitable material. The weight and size should be comfortable for you to handle. 
  • Ball: Opt for a high-quality tennis ball specifically designed for box cricket Bangalore. These balls offer better control and durability compared to regular tennis balls. 
  • Pads: While not always mandatory, protective padding can be helpful for your knees and shins, especially for beginners. 
  • Shoes: Wear comfortable sports shoes that provide good grip and support on the chosen ground surface.
  • Clothing: Dress in comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Breathable fabrics are ideal for hot Bangalore weather.

Box Cricket Tournaments and Leagues

If you’re up for some serious competition, Bangalore offers plenty of box cricket tournaments and leagues. You can check out details about upcoming events online or through local sports groups. Joining these tournaments is a great way to challenge yourself and meet fellow players. You’ll feel the excitement of competitive box cricket in Bangalore


Box cricket in Bangalore is a great way to have fun and be active with friends. With this guide and list of top grounds, you’re ready to improve your game and make memories on the box cricket Bangalore pitch. So, get your bat, gather your team, and enjoy the lively box cricket scene in the Garden City!



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