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The forthcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors have garnered the interest and enthusiasm of fans across the globe, positioning itself as one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated sporting events. With its grand stage and thrilling matches, this tournament is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience for cricket enthusiasts everywhere. Drawing a massive global audience, the event has attracted a prestigious lineup of Cricket World Cup 2023 sponsors and official partners who bring invaluable support.

These cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors and partners are crucial in bolstering the tournament by offering vital financial backing, leveraging their marketing expertise, and providing significant promotional support. Through their contributions, they contribute to the overall success and reach of the event, allowing it to transcend borders and captivate fans across the globe. Their commitment and involvement serve as a driving force behind spreading the excitement and enthusiasm of the tournament to cricket fans of diverse backgrounds.

As critical stakeholders, the cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors and partners add tremendous value to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Their strategic collaborations ensure the event receives the necessary resources and exposure to thrive globally. By investing in the tournament, these partners actively contribute to the progress and expansion of the sport, leaving a lasting impact on players and fans alike.

With their unwavering support, these esteemed sponsors and partners play an integral role in shaping the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 into a monumental occasion filled with thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments. Their collective efforts further strengthen the tournament’s significance and pave the way for an exceptional celebration of the beloved game of cricket.

Presented below are a select few of the esteemed cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors and partners associated with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023Official sponsors:

Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Nissan

Nissan, a prominent multinational automobile manufacturer with a global presence and well-known brands, Nissan has garnered a loyal customer base.

In 2015, Nissan partnered with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as a Global Partner, solidifying their connection with cricket. This eight-year collaboration includes sponsorship of ICC-affiliated tournaments, including the ICC cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors, ICC Champions Trophy, and more. Nissan expands its sports sponsorship portfolio through this partnership, including prestigious competitions like the UEFA Champions League. Nissan’s association with international teams and events further enhances its brand presence.

The Nissan-ICC partnership showcases the company’s commitment to global sports and engaging with passionate fans. It amplifies Nissan’s brand visibility and promotes the spirit of cricket worldwide.

Nissan’s extensive experience and global reach contribute to the growth of cricket. This partnership exemplifies the mutual benefits of collaboration between leading corporations and sporting organizations, delivering memorable experiences for fans

Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Oppo

Oppo, a Chinese telecommunications company, has emerged as a prominent player since its establishment in 2004. Known for its innovative products and technologies, Oppo has a history of sponsoring various sports teams and competitions to enhance its brand presence.

2015 Oppo partnered with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as the Official Mobile Handset and Headset Partner. This collaboration allowed Oppo to engage with cricket fans worldwide and gain visibility on a global scale.

Recognizing the success of their partnership, Oppo and the ICC extended their collaboration in 2019. Oppo became the Official Mobile Handset and Headset Partner for all ICC-affiliated events, including major tournaments like the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup and the ICC ODI World Cup 2023.

By aligning with the ICC, Oppo showcases its cutting-edge technologies to a passionate cricket audience. As the Official Partner, Oppo’s devices and accessories facilitate seamless communication and connectivity during ICC events.

This partnership signifies Oppo’s commitment to sports sponsorship and enhancing the fan experience. It strengthens Oppo’s reputation as a leading telecommunications company and expands its global reach. Oppo solidifies its brand image as a trusted and reliable technology partner by associating with high-profile cricket events.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors MRF

MRF, a company that began as a small toy balloon unit in 1946, has evolved into a renowned player in the tire manufacturing industry. In 1960, MRF made a significant move by introducing MRF Tyres through a collaboration with a US-based tire company. This strategic partnership paved the way for MRF to establish its expertise in rubber technology and excel in tire manufacturing.

In 2016, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and MRF Tyres announced a four-year agreement, designating MRF Tyres recognized as a Global Partner for ICC events. This partnership positioned MRF Tyres as the official automotive partner of the ICC, demonstrating its integral role in supporting the cricket governing body.

Recognizing the success of their collaboration, the ICC and MRF Tyres extended their partnership, solidifying MRF Tyres’ position as a valued partner of the ICC. As the official automotive partner, MRF Tyres ensures top-notch performance and safety on the field, contributing to the success of various ICC events.

The partnership between the ICC and MRF Tyres reflects their shared commitment to sporting excellence, innovation, and global outreach. By aligning its brand with the passion and popularity of cricket, MRF Tyres gains valuable exposure and strengthens its reputation as a leading tire manufacturer.

This collaboration exemplifies the power of teamwork in advancing the sport of cricket. MRF Tyres’ rich heritage and expertise, combined with the ICC’s vision for excellence, drive technological advancements and elevate the sport to new heights. Together, they create exceptional cricketing experiences and contribute worldwide to the sport’s growth. With the 11ic app login, fans can access a wide range of features and stay connected to their favorite teams and players, enhancing their cricketing experience.


Booking.com, a renowned online travel agency based in Amsterdam, has established itself as a global leader in the travel industry. In a strategic partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced in March 2019, Booking.com became the exclusive booking partner for accommodations and attractions for all ICC events. This collaboration aimed to enhance the travel experience for cricket fans attending these events, providing them with a seamless platform to book their stay and explore nearby attractions.

As part of the partnership, the ICC and Booking.com launched the “Ultimate Cricket Stay” program, offering fans a unique and immersive journey to matches. This initiative allowed fans to customize their travel experiences by booking accommodations near cricket venues and exploring local attractions.

The collaboration between the ICC and Booking.com reflects a shared commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for cricket fans. By leveraging Booking.com’s extensive network of accommodations, the partnership ensures that fans have a wide range of options catering to their preferences and needs.

Through this partnership, Booking.com strengthens its presence in the sports industry, utilizing its expertise in the travel sector to enhance the overall cricketing experience. By aligning with the ICC, Booking.com gains exposure to a global audience of passionate cricket fans, solidifying its reputation as a trusted travel partner.

The partnership between Booking.com and the ICC brings together two industry leaders dedicated to delivering excellence. Their collaboration creates unforgettable experiences for cricket fans, seamlessly integrating travel and the excitement of cricket matches. With Booking.com as the exclusive accommodation and attractions booking partner, ICC events are enriched, making it easier for fans to plan their trips and fully immerse themselves in cricket.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Byju’s

Indian tech company Byju has emerged as a key player in education with its innovative learning platform. In 2019, Byju became the main cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors of the Indian national cricket team, emphasizing their support for sports and young talent. By securing the sponsorship rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and entering a three-year agreement with the International Cricket Council (ICC), Byju extends its global reach and reinforces its brand presence. 

As a Global Partner of the ICC, Byju leverages its rights to engage with cricket enthusiasts worldwide, promoting education and sportsmanship. This collaboration exemplifies the fusion of education, sports, and technology, aiming to inspire and enhance the cricket experience for fans globally.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Emirates

Emirates, a prominent UAE flag carrier and a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, has significantly impacted the sports world through its long-standing sponsorship of significant teams and competitions. Since 2002, Emirates has actively supported various sporting endeavors, including sponsoring the International Cricket Council (ICC). This partnership expanded in 2007 when Emirates Assumed the role of the cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors for the ICC’s esteemed panel of umpires and match referees, showcasing its commitment to fair play and excellence in cricket. The collaboration continues with a renewed sponsorship agreement until 2023, solidifying Emirates’ support as the sponsor of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires and Match Referees. Through this partnership, Emirates aligns its brand with the global reach and passion of cricket, emphasizing its dedication to the sport and upholding its values of integrity and professionalism. Emirates’ sponsorship enhances its visibility and contributes to the fan experience by ensuring smooth match operations and maintaining high officiating standards.

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Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Of The ICC


B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd introduced Bira91, an Indian craft beer brand 2015. Bira91 is a proud sponsor of the Delhi Capitals, an Indian Premier League team.

In November 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) forged a five-year partnership with Bira91, extending until 2023. As part of this agreement, Bira91 serves as a cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors for all ICC global tournaments, including the 2023 Cricket World Cup, the ICC T20I World Cup, the ICC World Test Championship, the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup, and the ICC Women’s Championship. Bira91’s presence is integrated throughout these events via broadcast and digital platforms and in-venue activations that showcase its product range.


Founded in 1886, Coca-Cola is an iconic American multinational beverage company with a formidable presence in the industry. Renowned for its wide range of beverages, Coca-Cola has established itself as a prominent sponsor of numerous sports teams and events on a global scale.

In July 2019, Coca-Cola announced a five-year partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC). This partnership encompasses all ICC events, which contained notable tournaments such as the ICC Men’s Cricket The momentous World Cup hosted in the beautiful landscapes of England and Wales during 2019, the men’s and women’s T20I World Cups in Australia, the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 in New Zealand, and the ICC Men’s cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors in India, among other prestigious ICC global tournaments. Through this collaboration, Coca-Cola solidifies its support for cricket and its commitment to enhancing the fan experience at these prominent events.


Established in 2010, Upstox is an online investment brand headquartered in Mumbai, India. In 2021, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Upstox joined forces in a partnership agreement that spans three years. This collaboration designates Upstox as a cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors partner of the prestigious cricket-governing body, further solidifying its presence and support within the cricketing community.


Founded in 2018 and based in New Delhi, BharatPe has established itself as an offline merchant acquirer, offering services such as UPI QR codes for payments, POS machines for card acceptance, and loans to small businesses.

In June 2021, BharatPe entered into a three-year partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC), becoming the cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors partner of the prestigious cricketing body. This collaboration encompasses various promotional activities, including broadcast and digital platforms and in-venue brand activations at all ICC events until 2023.

The ICC’s lineup of prominent tournaments, including the ICC World Test Championship 2023, Men’s T20I World Cup 2024, Asia Cup 2023, Women’s World Cup 2023, U19 Cricket World Cup 2023, Women’s T20I World Cup 2023, Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, and the 2023 World Test Championship, offers BharatPe a powerful platform to showcase its association and engage with cricket enthusiasts globally.


FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda and headquartered in the Bahamas, has made significant strides in sports sponsorship in 2022. The company has secured notable partnerships with the Mercedes Formula One team, Major League Baseball (MLB), and acquired naming rights for the Miami Heat’s home arena in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In October 2021, FTX and the International Cricket Council (ICC) forged a formidable partnership through a multi-year agreement. FTX, a prominent player in the world of cricket betting, emerged as the proud sponsor of all ICC global events leading up to the highly anticipated 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup in India. This all-encompassing contract encompasses a range of prestigious tournaments, including the ICC Cricket World Cups, Twenty20 World Cups for both men’s and women’s teams, the Men’s U19 Cricket World Cup, and the Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifiers. With FTX’s support, these events are set to captivate audiences worldwide and provide thrilling opportunities for cricket betting enthusiasts.


Nium, a Mumbai-based fintech company established in 2015, specializes in providing businesses with a cutting-edge global platform for seamless money movement and innovative payment and card issuing solutions.

In October 2021, the ICC announced a significant agreement with Nium, designating the fintech company as the cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors for the ICC Cricket World Cup. This partnership solidifies Nium’s role as the Cricket World Cup 2023 official sponsors fintech infrastructure partner of the ICC. Through this collaboration, Nium will leverage various channels, including broadcast and digital platforms, to promote its association with the ICC. Additionally, Nium will organize unique fan and client activations during ICC events, further enhancing its brand presence.

By teaming up with Nium, the ICC secures an invaluable partner who aligns with its vision of advancing technology in the financial services sector. Leveraging Nium’s fintech proficiency, they can effectively connect with cricket enthusiasts worldwide through innovative campaigns demonstrating financial technology’s game-changing potential. Nium strives to emphasize the benefits of its fintech solutions, which facilitate faster, more secure, and conveniently accessible global money movement. To experience the transformative power of financial technology, download the 11ic App today!

The cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors by Nium demonstrate their commitment to revolutionizing financial services and their dedication to the cricket world. This partnership presents an exciting opportunity to merge sports and fintech, delivering innovative experiences to cricket fans while highlighting the potential of modern financial solutions.

Star Sports

Star Sports, a sports broadcasting network, was established in 1991. In a significant development in 2019, The Walt Disney Company India acquired Star Sports, extending its ownership to cover the Indo-Pacific region.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Official Sponsors Category Partners

Royal Stag

Royal Stag, a whiskey brand from India launched in 1995, has established a notable tradition of sponsoring various sports. This liquor company has been a proud sponsor of esteemed teams and franchises such as the West Indies cricket team, the Delhi Capitals, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In December 2018, Pernod Ricard India Pvt Ltd, the parent company behind Royal Stag, entered into a five-year global partnership with the ICC. This significant agreement was valued at approximately US$5-6 million annually.

As a cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors partner of the ICC, Royal Stag enjoys a comprehensive presence throughout all ICC global tournaments, including the highly anticipated cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors, the T20I World Cups, the World Test Championship, the U19 World Cup, and the Women’s World Cup. Royal Stag benefits from extensive visibility across broadcast platforms, digital channels, and on-ground activations through this partnership, solidifying its brand presence and engagement with cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Jacob’s Creek

Orlando Wines, an Australian company with a rich history dating back to 1847, is renowned for its wine brand Jacob’s Creek, which debuted in 1976. In June 2021, Jacob’s Creek proudly unveiled its partnership with the ICC, solidifying its position as the official wine partner. This strategic collaboration spans three years and commenced with the inaugural World Test Championship Final.

As the ICC’s official wine partner, Jacob’s Creek enjoys exclusive pouring rights at all ICC events. This includes prominent branding opportunities at in-stadia bars and stadiums, allowing Jacob’s Creek to enhance its visibility and engagement with cricket fans. Furthermore, the partnership encompasses ICC digital broadcast advertising, ensuring that the Jacob’s Creek brand reaches a global audience through digital platforms.

The collaboration between Jacob’s Creek and the ICC signifies the merging of two iconic brands, uniting the world of cricket with the world of wine. Through this partnership, Jacob’s Creek aims to provide memorable experiences to cricket enthusiasts while showcasing the craftsmanship and quality associated with their renowned wine brand.


Dream11, a fantasy sports platform founded in India in 2008, allows users to engage in various games, including cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, handball, and basketball.

In November 2018, the ICC announced its exclusive worldwide partnership with Dream11 as the Official Fantasy Game Partner until 2023. This collaboration solidified Dream11’s role as the designated fantasy game platform for ICC events.

As the Official Fantasy Game Partner of the ICC, Dream11 presents cricket enthusiasts with the exciting prospect of assembling their fantasy teams once the official team lineups are disclosed for all ICC global events. This allows fans to showcase their strategic insight and compete against fellow enthusiasts on the Dream11 platform. Moreover, Dream11’s integration into ICC event branding and marketing content ensures widespread visibility and recognition for the platform.

The partnership between the ICC and Dream11 exemplifies the intersection of sports and technology, providing fans with an interactive and immersive experience. By joining forces with the ICC, Dream11 continues to enrich the cricketing landscape by offering fans an innovative and engaging platform to express their passion for the game.

If you’re enthusiastic about participating in the thrill of the cricket world cup 2023 official sponsors and exploring cricket world cup betting, visit 11ic Cricket India without delay and commence your betting journey today! Take advantage of this chance to elevate your cricket-watching experience while potentially securing some winnings.



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