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IPL Highest Fan Following Team 2023

As the buzz grows for the 2023 IPL championship, there’s a big question: Which team has the most fans in the IPL? Checking out each team’s social media numbers will reveal who’s leading the pack to become the ultimate fan favorite in the IPL. Let’s find out the IPL highest fan following team.

Summary & Key Points for the IPL Highest Fan Following Team

The IPL is a widely acclaimed cricket tournament. No wonder it captivated audiences globally with its thrilling matches. The exceptional player performances added to its widespread appeal. The quest involves considering various factors such as trophy wins, player performances, and overall team conduct. This evaluation extends to both on and off-the-field dynamics.

Now, let’s analyze the statistics and stories behind the leading candidates for the IPL highest fan following team.

TeamTwitter FollowersInstagram FollowersYouTube Subscribers
CSK9.4 Million11.3 Million2.77 Million
MI8 Million11.5 Million2.84 Million
RCB6.5 Million10.2 Million3.52 Million
KKR5.1 Million3.6 Million1.60 Million
DC2.5 Million3.5 Million767 K
PBKS2.9 Million2.8 Million465 K
SRH3.1 Million3 Million768 K
RR2.6 Million2.8 Million658 K
LSG742 K1.7 Million61.5 K

Top 10 IPL Highest Fan Following Team

1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Established in 2008, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) stands as a cricket powerhouse, leading the charge for the IPL highest fan following team. With iconic players like MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja, CSK has amassed a digital army. They boast 3 million fans on YouTube, 12 million on Instagram, and 10 million on Twitter. It solidified their status as a formidable force in the league.

The undisputed kings of fan loyalty, boasting the highest combined social media presence and the “fandom score” leader. Dhoni’s leadership and the “Never Say Die” attitude ignite unyielding devotion.

2. Mumbai Indians

Challenging CSK’s supremacy in the fan base race, Mumbai Indians boasts an illustrious history. With a record five IPL wins and the highest brand value at $83 million. Their social media presence shines with 20 million+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Celebrity ownership and star players lure a glamorous fan base. Celebrity ownership and star players attract a glamorous fan base.

This squad includes star players like Rohit Sharma. The team commands a substantial following of 2.9 million on YouTube, 12 million on Instagram, and 8 million on Twitter. This establishes them as a formidable presence both on and off the field.

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

Founded in 2008, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) from Bengaluru is a strong contender for the IPL highest fan following team. With the charismatic Virat Kohli as their star player, RCB has gathered a massive fan base of 3.6 million on YouTube, 10 million on Instagram, and 7 million on Twitter. Despite the “bridesmaid” label, Virat Kohli’s devoted fans remain loyal. They boast a strong social media presence, with over 18 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They captivate fans with their impressive stats and on-field performances. Consistent performance and unwavering support keep them at the top.

4. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

Under the leadership of Shreyas Iyer, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) aims for the title of the IPL highest fan following team. The team boasts a substantial fan base with 3.8 million on Instagram, 5.2 million on Twitter, and 1.29 million on YouTube. They attract supporters with their exciting brand of cricket.

Shah Rukh Khan’s co-ownership and charismatic captain Eoin Morgan charm the fans. Consistent playoff appearances highlight their success. Additionally, they boast a robust social media presence. This includes over 17 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, which solidifies their support.

5. Rajasthan Royals (RR)

An IPL winner in 2008, Rajasthan Royals (RR) maintains a loyal fanbase, capturing the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. With 3 million followers on Instagram and 700k on YouTube, along with 2.7 million on Twitter, RR’s success plays a significant role in its consistent popularity. The presence of star players further contributes to their widespread appeal.

The late Shane Warne led the first champions. Rajasthan Royals draw in a dedicated fan base with their youthful and thrilling players. The cricketing passion of the state further contributes to their appeal. They maintain a strong social media presence with over 15 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

6. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Since their introduction in 2012, Sunrisers Hyderabad has commendably built a fan base. They have been captivating audiences with their performances. The team has just over 3 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter. This showcases their resilience and growing influence.

The Orange Army’s infectious energy remains in the spotlight. This is especially evident with David Warner’s explosive batting. Consistent performance is a key factor in garnering attention. Their underdog spirit has played a significant role. It has contributed to them amassing 14 million+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

7. Delhi Capitals

Hoping to climb the ladder, Delhi Capitals has garnered a massive following of 7 million combined on Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, they have over 800k followers on YouTube. With players like Rishabh Pant pulling in fans, Delhi Capitals aims to establish themselves as a force in the IPL.

8. Punjab Kings

In their quest for the highest fan base in the IPL, the rebranded Punjab Kings focuses on both history and presence. Boasting 6 million fans on Instagram and Twitter, Punjab Kings highlights their strong online presence. Additionally, they have 500k subscribers on YouTube. This emphasizes their commitment to building a robust fan community.

Rishabh Pant’s leadership and a strong core of Indian players resonate with the Delhi faithful. Their vocal home crowd adds to the buzz. Additionally, their social media presence is noteworthy. They have reached 13 million+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

9. Gujarat Titans

As the newest entrants, Gujarat Titans have quickly gained attention, especially after their IPL win in 2022. With a growing fan base, they remain in the debate for the highest fan following IPL team, showcasing promise both on and off the field.

Champions in their debut year, Hardik Pandya’s leadership shows promise. The cricketing tradition of Gujarat further adds to their potential. Their social media presence is significant. They have already reached 10 million+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

10. Lucknow Super Giants

Establishing themselves as the IPL team with the highest fan following in 2023, Lucknow Super Giants are making significant strides. Their growing popularity is evident. Their popularity is on the rise. They are quickly climbing the charts in the race for the highest fan base team in IPL. Their social media stats show nearly 2 million on Instagram, around 1 million on Twitter, and just under 100k on YouTube. This marks their rapid ascent in the race for fan dominance.

New kids on the block, KL Rahul’s presence, and the Lucknow region’s cricketing enthusiasm show promise. Their dedicated fan base, which has grown to 8 million+ followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, reflects this.

Chennai Super Kings: A Legacy Built in Yellow and Dedication

CSK, also known as the “Men in Yellow,” are like a seasoned champion, carving their name onto the trophy four times (2010, 2011, 2018, 2021). Guided by the charismatic and beloved MS Dhoni, their fan community, named the “Super Kings Fan Army,” goes beyond borders. Their devoted supporters spread across India, with Chennai as their central hub. Their affection extends further. It gathers passionate fans in places like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and even overseas.

Stats Speak Volumes

CSK boasts the highest cumulative social media following across all platforms. They exceed 23.5 million fans, with 9.5 million on Twitter, 11.3 million on Instagram, and 2.78 million on YouTube. Making them the IPL highest fan following team.

A 2023 Rediffusion Red Lab report crowned CSK the team with the highest “fandom score” (79%), with Dhoni being the primary reason for 72% of their fan loyalty.

The yellow jersey is more than just fabric; it’s a badge of honor, with fans proudly adorning it at every match, turning the stadiums into a sea of yellow.

But what fuels this devotion?

  • Dhoni’s Captain Cool persona: His calm demeanor, strategic brilliance, and ability to finish close matches under pressure inspire unwavering faith.
  • CSK’s “Never Say Die” attitude: Even in the face of adversity, the team’s fighting spirit and resilience ignite the fans’ belief.
  • A family atmosphere: CSK fosters a sense of community, warmly embracing players, management, and fans alike. This creates a bond that transcends wins and losses.

Mumbai Indians: Where Glamour Meets Grit

MI, the “Men in Blue and Gold,” are synonymous with success, having lifted the trophy a record five times (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020). Their owner, Reliance Industries, brings Bollywood glitz and corporate might to the mix, attracting celebrities and fashionistas alongside die-hard cricket fans.

Statistically Speaking...

  • MI enjoys the highest brand value in the IPL at $83 million, a testament to its financial muscle and brand recognition.
  • Their social media presence is formidable, with over 20 million followers across platforms (Twitter: 8.4 million, Instagram: 8.9 million, YouTube: 2.8 million).
  • The Wankhede Stadium, their home ground, pulsates with energy during matches, transforming into a kaleidoscope of blue and gold flags, chants, and unwavering support.



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