Betfair Cricket Review: Strength & Weaknesses

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Betfair Cricket operates as a betting exchange rather than a traditional sportsbook. It does offer sportsbook services as well. The distinctive feature of Betfair lies in its exchange. Users don’t wager against the platform itself. Instead, they bet against fellow players who remain anonymous and with whom there is no direct interaction.

How does Betfair Cricket Works?

Here’s how it functions: When you place a bet, you encounter two options. You can opt for the “Bet” choice, indicated in blue, or the “Lay” option, marked in red. Both options display precise decimal odds, accompanied by additional odds. These supplementary odds come into play if you decide to accept the highest odds and require an additional offering. Alternatively, they apply if you are the one providing the lay and competing against the displayed odds.

If this seems complex, there’s no need to worry. You can simply focus on the blue option, similar to placing a bet on a traditional sportsbook. The advantage of the exchange is the high level of competition. Continuous efforts to outdo one another result in consistently favorable odds. Betfair Cricket exchange odds often surpass those of even the best sportsbooks. The odds for outside bets are frequently double or even triple compared to other platforms.

Betfair Website Structure

Betfair has a sophisticated website layout that might take a bit to get used to, but once you’re familiar, it’s easy to navigate. The platform offers a diverse experience with live streams, live betting, and a wide range of markets. This includes some less common events. However, a drawback is that there aren’t always as many options for these less popular events.

Despite this, users interested in major sports and leagues have plenty of betting choices. In cricket, Betfair covers all major international and domestic competitions. Yet, when it comes to smaller domestic cups and second-tier competitions, the available markets become limited.


Betting Limitations

This limitation is because there’s less interest and coverage for events that aren’t as popular or televised. Besides the exchange platform, Betfair Cricket also has a sportsbook with slightly smaller odds. But don’t worry, they have a more user-friendly layout. Additionally, there are extra markets. The platform expands its offerings with an arcade, casino, bingo room, poker room, and exchange games. This establishes itself as one of the most inclusive betting sites globally.

On both the exchange and sportsbook, as well as Betfair Exchange Games, there’s a minimum bet requirement of £2. This applies to various types of bets, from big accumulators to individual card wagers. This minimum might discourage many casual gamblers from using the platform.

Betfair Cricket Promotions

Betfair falls short on promotions. Their way of doing business involves not controlling the odds but earning a small commission from each bet. This makes them hesitant about giving out free bets, as it doesn’t directly add to their earnings. Now, it leads to infrequent and less attractive promotions on the exchange. It faces challenges in competing with larger sportsbooks.

Interestingly, the casino, poker room, and arcade sections on the site offer various promotions. However, the sportsbook lacks many attractive offers. Users find themselves wanting more promotional benefits. Betfair’s unique way of operating traces back to the difference. It underscores the need to understand their distinct approach to promotions.

Betfair Customer Service

Betfair’s customer service doesn’t rank as the best in the industry; in fact, it may be among the worst. Our experiences with Betfair support have not been favorable. In fact, we’ve encountered troubling stories from other users. Several factors could contribute to this. Firstly, Betfair’s enormity might stretch its customer service thin. Secondly, they are less inclined to offer free bets to appease dissatisfied customers. Lastly, they don’t profit from free bets like a typical sportsbook.

Setting aside excuses, this is a significant issue that Betfair must address to sustain growth. Obtaining a prompt response and meaningful assistance from them is challenging. While you may rarely need to deal with them if you do encounter an issue that can’t be immediately resolved, brace yourself. Prepare for a potentially frustrating experience.

Banking Options

Betfair offers a wide range of banking options with no shortcomings in that aspect. While there were past issues with Australian and Worldwide wallets, navigating them used to be frustrating. However, Betfair has addressed and resolved these concerns, making the current setup much easier to navigate. The platform supports various options, including PayPal and Skrill. The system processes transactions swiftly, particularly with web wallets like PayPal.


Betfair Cricket has both good and bad sides, making it a bit controversial in the industry. If you’re someone who bets a lot with high stakes, the downsides might not bother you much. This is because Betfair caters to individual preferences. On the flip side, if you’re a casual gamer who likes small bets and lots of bonuses, Betfair might not be the best choice. It lacks bonuses, has higher minimum bets, and the layout might be a bit unfamiliar. But, for those comfortable with minimum bets, used to big gambling, not bothered about bonuses, and familiar with decimal odds and lays, Betfair is considered the top betting site. Although it’s not perfect. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, finding a better alternative could be tough.

Betfair Cricket Pros & Cons


  • Innovative Betting Exchange
  • Sophisticated Website Layout
  • Wide Coverage in Cricket


  • Limited Coverage for Smaller Events
  • Minimum Bet Requirement
  • Weak Promotional Offerings
  • Customer Service



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