99 Jersey Number in Cricket

Who Wears the 99 Jersey Number in Cricket?

In the world of cricket, jersey numbers carry a particular significance. They are not just numbers. They are symbols of identity, legacy, and sometimes, superstition. One such number that has gained attention over the years is 99. It may seem like a random choice. However, the story behind this number is quite interesting. Currently, Ravichandran Ashwin wears the 99 jersey number in cricket. Why 99? Let’s explore the story that lies behind this seemingly ordinary two-digit number.

Who Uses the 99 Jersey Number in Cricket?

Many cricketers have embraced the number 99. Interestingly, even legendary batsmen once wore it before it became synonymous with spin bowling. However, the most prominent figure linked with the 99 jersey number in cricket is Ravichandran Ashwin. The Indian off-spinner has sported the number throughout his career. He represented both the national team and his IPL franchise, the Rajasthan Royals (excluding his time with the Delhi Capitals in 2020). Ashwin’s association with 99 has made it almost synonymous with his name. Additionally, his on-field achievements have solidified his place in cricket history.

Behind the 99 Jersey Number in Cricket

Ashwin’s jersey number has roots in his school days. His roll number was nine, a detail he shared with Rajasthan Royals. School wasn’t enjoyable for Ashwin. He often skipped class to play cricket. During roll calls, teachers would jokingly question if he was even present, adding a light-hearted touch to his frequent absences.

Moving on to college, Ashwin’s roll number was 14. Such a number brought even more unpleasant memories. He despised the association, as it became a source of teasing among his peers.

When he joined the Chennai Super Kings, Ashwin requested any number except 14. However, his jersey was mistakenly printed with 14. Eager to avoid this number, he requested number 9. Unfortunately, he found that it was already taken by Parthiv Patel. Consequently, he settled for 99. It was a choice made impulsively to distance himself from the traumatic memories associated with the number 14.

Despite the apparent randomness of his choice, Ashwin later admitted to fearing that the number 99 would bring bad luck. It showed how superstition can sometimes influence even the most rational decisions.

The Legend Who Wears the 99 Jersey Number in Cricket

In his career, Sachin Tendulkar wore three jersey numbers: 10, 33, and 99. Initially, he chose the number 99. However, he faced several challenges early in his career. An astrologer advised him to change his number. It led him to switch to the alternate number 10, which has since become iconic for him.

Later, Tendulkar returned to ODIs after recovering from a Tennis Elbow injury. He briefly wore the number 33. This change is reportedly suggested by astrologer Bejan Daruwala. The number is less known compared to his famous numbers 99 and 10.

The Legacy of 99

Over time, Ashwin and the 99 jersey number in cricket have become inseparable partners. Ashwin delivers his mesmerizing off-spinners with the number 99 displayed on his back. Seeing this, it has become a familiar and often intimidating sight for batsmen worldwide. The number has evolved into a symbol of Ashwin’s distinctive cricketing style. Moreover, it highlights his significant presence on the field.

The 99 jersey number in cricket has also acquired its own share of superstitions and legends. Some fans believe it carries a lucky charm, attributing Ashwin’s success to the jersey number. Others see it as the source of his aggressive bowling style and his ability to outmaneuver batsmen. In any case, the number 99 has undeniably become a well-known symbol of Ashwin’s cricketing abilities.

99 Jersey Number in Cricket: Quest of Perfection

For Ashwin, the number 99 represents a quest for perfection. It symbolizes his relentless pursuit of excellence and his desire to surpass his own limits. In an interview, Ashwin expressed, “The number 99 is a reminder that there is always room for improvement, that no matter how good you are, you can always strive to be better.”

A few other cricketers have also sported the 99 jersey number in various domestic leagues and tournaments. However, none have embraced it with the same passion and purpose as Ashwin. To him, the number is more than just a numerical value. It is a philosophy that drives him to excel in every aspect of his game.

The Significance of Jersey Numbers in Cricket

The story of the 99 jersey highlights the growing significance of jersey numbers in cricket. While initially introduced for identification purposes, numbers have become a way for players to express themselves and connect with fans.

Some players choose numbers based on their role. For example, wicket-keepers prefer the number 7. Others opt for numbers with personal significance, like birthdays or lucky numbers. The rise of social media and fan culture has further amplified the association between players and their jersey numbers.

This trend is likely to continue in the future. Jersey numbers have become even more personalized and symbolic for players and fans alike. The story of the 99 jersey number in cricket serves as a testament to this growing connection. It showcases how a simple number can weave a narrative that transcends the game itself.


The journey of the 99 jersey number in cricket is a fascinating one. From its surprising association with Sachin Tendulkar to its current identity by Ravichandran Ashwin, it has carved a unique path in the cricketing landscape.

The number’s lack of specific meaning and its association with contrasting playing styles make it stand out. Whether it continues its legacy in the future with a new generation of players or fades into obscurity, the 99 jersey will remain a curious and memorable chapter in cricket’s rich history.



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