Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule, Draw, Results, Groups, And Tables

women's t20 world cup 2023 Schedule- 11ic

The Women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule is a highly anticipated tournament that brings together the best women cricketers worldwide. With incredible skills, passion, and determination, these athletes are ready to showcase their talents on the grand stage. As a fan, it’s natural to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for this prestigious event.

Staying updated with all the essential details is crucial to enjoying the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule thoroughly. This includes the complete schedule, draw, results, groups, and tables. Access to this crucial information allows you to plan your viewing, support your favorite teams, and immerse yourself in the thrilling cricket action.

The complete tournament women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule is the backbone of your cricket-watching experience. It provides you with a day-by-day breakdown of matches, along with the dates, times, and venues. With this schedule, you can mark your calendars, set reminders, and ensure you don’t miss a single game.

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The draw is another crucial aspect that determines the group allocation of teams. It’s the moment when the tournament’s excitement begins to take shape as teams are placed in groups, creating intriguing matchups and potential rivalries. Knowing the draw results lets you understand the initial challenges and matchups teams will face in their respective groups.

As the matches unfold, staying updated with the latest results becomes crucial. From nail-biting finishes to exceptional performances, each game brings its share of excitement and drama. Following the live results informs you about the tournament’s winners, top performers, and emerging stars.

The group stage determines the teams that advance to the knockout stages. It’s fascinating to track teams’ progress as they compete against each other within their groups. The group standings, presented in tables, provide an overview of team performance, wins, losses, net run rates, and other vital statistics. These tables allow you to assess the current standings and evaluate the chances of your favorite team progressing in the tournament.

This article provides all this information to ensure you have everything you need to follow and enjoy the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule. From the thrilling matches to the emerging stars, this tournament promises to showcase women’s cricket spectacularly. So, buckle up, stay updated, and get ready to witness the exhilarating moments that will define the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule.

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Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Groups And Standings

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule groups and standings are crucial in shaping the tournament’s narrative and determining which teams will advance to the knockout stages. The group stage is where the teams battle against each other, showcasing their skills and strategies to secure their place in the tournament.

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule teams are divided into different groups based on the draw. Each group consists of a set number of units competing against each other in a round-robin format. This means that every team in a group plays against every other team in the same group, creating exciting and competitive matches.

The group standings show how each team performs in their respective groups. These standings are typically presented as tables, which display essential statistics such as the number of matches played, wins, losses, net run rate, and points. The points system determines the team’s position in the group, with two points awarded for a win, one for a tie or no result, and no points for a loss.

The group standings are updated after each match, reflecting the current position of each team. They serve as a vital reference point for fans, coaches, and players to assess the team’s progress in the tournament. The standings provide an overview of the team’s performance and indicate their chances of advancing to the knockout stages.

As the matches progress, the group standings can change dramatically, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the tournament. Teams strive to secure wins and improve their net run rate to enhance their chances of advancing to the next stage. The battles for the top positions in the groups intensify, creating thrilling encounters as teams fight for their spot in the knockout stages.

For fans, the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule group standings are a valuable tool for understanding the current dynamics of the tournament. They allow fans to gauge which teams are in a strong position, which are facing challenges, and which sections need to step up their game to secure their place in the knockout stages.

As the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule progresses, fans will eagerly follow the group standings, analyzing the performances of their favorite teams and speculating on potential matchups in the knockout stages. The group stage sets the foundation for the tournament, and the group standings guide the teams’ journey toward becoming the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 champions.

So, stay tuned, watch the group standings, and witness the twists and turns of the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule as the teams battle it out for glory on the cricket field.

Group 1

South Africa4220+0.7384
New Zealand4220+0.1384
Sri Lanka4220-1.4604

Group 2

West Indies4220-0.6014

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Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule And Results

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule and results form the backbone of the tournament, offering fans a comprehensive overview of all the matches and their outcomes. As the excitement builds up for this prestigious event, cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the full schedule, as it outlines the dates, venues, and times for each match, ensuring they get all the action-packed moments.

The tournament women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule is carefully crafted to provide a seamless and thrilling experience for players and fans alike. It is designed to accommodate multiple matches in various venues, ensuring that the cricketing action is distributed across different locations, allowing fans from other regions to witness the tournament live.

From the opening match to the showdown, the tournament showcases a series of highly anticipated clashes between the top teams in women’s cricket. Each game holds immense significance, as it contributes to the team’s journey in the tournament and shapes their standing on the group stage.

For cricket enthusiasts, the tournament women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule is a guide to plan their viewing and an opportunity to be a part of the stadium’s electric atmosphere. Whether watching the matches in person or following them on television or live streaming platforms, fans can immerse themselves in the pulsating cricketing action and witness exceptional performances from their favorite players.

The schedule transforms into a record of the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 results as matches progress. The results section keeps track of the outcomes of each match, including the winning team, the margin of victory, and individual player performances. For fans unable to watch a particular game live, the results section serves as a quick reference to catch up on the highlights and key moments.

The results are a testament to the competitive nature of the tournament, with teams fighting hard for victories and showcasing their skills on the grand stage. As the group stage concludes, the results determine the teams that advance to the knockout stages and compete for a spot in the final, building suspense and excitement among fans.

For groups, the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule and results are vital planning tools. It enables them to chart their path through the tournament, strategize against specific opponents, and manage player workload effectively. The schedule also demands adaptability, as teams may encounter varied weather conditions, pitch dynamics, and home-ground advantage at different venues.

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule and results reflect cricketing excellence and a celebration of the spirit of sportsmanship and global camaraderie. The tournament unites fans from different countries and cultures, who come together to support their teams, appreciate talent, and embrace the spirit of fair play.

As the tournament climaxes, the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule and results gain added significance, building anticipation for the knockout stages and the ultimate showdown. Each team’s journey, from the initial group matches to the pressure-packed finals, creates an unforgettable cricketing experience that will be cherished for years.

11th Feb4:00 amSri Lanka def. South AfricaNewlands, Cape Town
12th Feb12:00 amEngland def. West IndiesBoland Park, Paarl
12th Feb4:00 amAustralia def. New ZealandBoland Park, Paarl
13th Feb12:00 amIndia def. PakistanNewlands, Cape Town
13th Feb4:00 amNew Zealand, def. BangladeshNewlands, Cape Town
14th Feb12:00 amEngland def. IrelandBoland Park, Paarl
14th Feb4:00 amSri Lanka, def. BangladeshBoland Park, Paarl
15th Feb4:00 amAustralia def. BangladeshSt George’s Park, Gqeberha
16th Feb12:00 amIndia def. West IndiesNewlands, Cape Town
16th Feb4:00 amPakistan def. IrelandNewlands, Cape Town
17th Feb12:00 amAustralia def. Sri LankaSt George’s Park, Gqeberha
18th Feb12:00 amWest Indies, def. IrelandNewlands, Cape Town
18th Feb4:00 amWest Indies, def. PakistanNewlands, Cape Town
19th Feb12:00 amEngland def. IndiaSt George’s Park, Gqeberha
19th Feb4:00 amAustralia def. South AfricaSt George’s Park, Gqeberha
20th Feb12:00 amNew Zealand, def. Sri LankaBoland Park, Paarl
20th Feb4:00 amSouth Africa, def. BangladeshBoland Park, Paarl
21st Feb12:00 amIndia def. IrelandSt George’s Park, Gqeberha
22nd Feb12:00 amEngland def. PakistanNewlands, Cape Town
22nd Feb4:00 amSouth Africa def. BangladeshNewlands, Cape Town
24th Feb12:00 amSF: Australia def. IndiaNewlands, Cape Town
25th Feb12:00 amSF: South Africa def. EnglandNewlands, Cape Town
27th Feb12:00 amFinal: Australia def. South AfricaNewlands, Cape Town

Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Full Squads


  • Captain: Meg Lanning
  • Vice-Captain: Alyssa Healy
  • Squad Members: Darcie Brown, Ashleigh Gardner, Kim Garth, Heather Graham, Grace Harris, Jess Jonassen, Alana King, Tahlia McGrath, Beth Mooney, Ellyse Perry, Megan Schutt, Annabel Sutherland, Georgia Wareham


  • Captain: Nigar Sultana Joty
  • Squad Members: Marufa Akter, Fahima Khatun, Salma Khatun, Jahanara Alam, Shamima Sultana, Rumana Ahmed, Lata Mondol, Shorna Akter, Nahida Akter, Murshida Khatun, Ritu Moni, Disha Biswas, Sobhana Mostary, Fargana Hoque Pinky

New Zealand:

  • Captain: Sophie Devine
  • Squad Members: Suzie Bates, Bernadine Bezuidenhout, Eden Carson, Lauren Down, Maddy Green, Brooke Halliday, Hayley Jensen, Fran Jonas, Amelia Kerr, Jess Kerr, Molly Penfold, Georgia Plimmer, Hannah Rowe, Lea Tahuhu

South Africa:

  • Captain: Sune Luus
  • Squad Members: Annerie Dercksen, Marizanne Kapp, Lara Goodall, Ayabonga Khaka, Chloe Tryon, Nadine de Klerk, Shabnim Ismail, Tazmin Brits, Masabata Klaas, Laura Wolvaardt, Sinalo Jafta, Nonkululeko Mlaba, Anneke Bosch, Delmi Tucker

Sri Lanka:

  • Captain: Chamari Athapaththu
  • Squad Members: Oshadi Ranasinghe, Harshitha Samarawickrama, Nilakshi de Silva, Kavisha Dilhari, Anushka Sanjeewani, Kaushini Nuthyangana, Malsha Shehani, Inoka Ranaweera, Sugandika Kumari, Achini Kulasuriya, Vishmi Gunaratne, Tharika Sewwandi, Ama Kanchana, Sathya Sandeepani


  • Captain: Harmanpreet Kaur
  • Squad Members: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia, Richa Ghosh, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harleen Deol, Deepti Sharma, Devika Vaidya, Radha Yadav, Renuka Thakur, Anjali Sarvani, Pooja Vastrakar, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Shikha Pandey


  • Captain: Bismah Maroof
  • Squad Members: Aimen Anwar, Aliya Riaz, Ayesha Naseem, Diana Baig, Fatima Sana, Javeria Khan, Muneeba Ali (wk), Nashra Sandhu, Nida Dar, Omaima Sohail, Sadia Iqbal, Sidra Amin, Sidra Nawaz (wk), Tuba Hassan


  • Captain: Heather Knight
  • Squad Members: Lauren Bell, Maia Bouchier, Katherine Brunt, Alice Capsey, Kate Cross, Freya Davies, Charlie Dean, Sophia Dunkley, Sophie Ecclestone, Sarah Glenn, Amy Jones, Nat Sciver, Lauren Winfield-Hill, Danni Wyatt

West Indies:

  • Captain: Hayley Matthews
  • Vice-Captain: Shemaine Campbelle
  • Squad Members: Aaliyah Alleyne, Shamilia Connell, Afy Fletcher, Sh


As the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule approaches, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming battles. By keeping track of the full schedule, draw, results, groups, and tables, fans can ensure they don’t miss a moment of the action and fully immerse themselves in the tournament.

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule lets fans plan their viewing, ensuring they can witness their favorite teams in action. With the draw determining the matchups, anticipation builds as teams face off against each other in intense clashes that showcase the best of T20 cricket.

Following the results is crucial to stay updated with each team’s progress and witnessing the thrilling victories and heartbreaks. The tables provide a snapshot of the standings, showcasing the teams’ performances and journey toward the top.

Whether you support the defending champions or have a favorite underdog, staying informed about the groups is essential. Knowing which teams are in each group allows fans to track their progress and gauge their chances of advancing further in the tournament.

Fans can engage in discussions, make predictions, and share their excitement with fellow cricket enthusiasts by being well-informed about the schedule, draw, results, groups, and tables. Join the global cricketing community in celebrating the women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule and witness the power, skill, and passion of the world’s finest T20 cricketers.

While we encourage the celebration and enjoyment of cricket, it’s important to note that cricket betting is subject to local laws and regulations. It is crucial to engage in responsible and legal gambling practices. This article focuses on the joy of cricket and the women’s T20 World Cup 2023 schedule. Let’s join hands and celebrate the incredible talent on display in this tournament while respecting the integrity of the sport.


When Is The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Scheduled To Take Place? 

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 is scheduled from February 11th to February 24th.

Where Will The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Be Held? 

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 will be held in South Africa.

How Many Teams Will Participate In The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023? 

Ten teams will be participating in the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023.

Where can I find the entire Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 schedule?

The women’s t20 world cup 2023 schedule can be found on the official tournament or cricket-related websites.

Which Teams Will Play In The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Opening Match? 

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 opening match will feature two participating teams, which will be determined based on the draw.

Are There Any Rest Days Scheduled During The Tournament? 

Yes, rest days will be scheduled throughout the tournament to allow teams to recuperate and prepare for their upcoming matches.

Will The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Matches Be Played During The Day Or Night? 

The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 matches will be played day and night, depending on the schedule.

How Can I Stay Updated With The Match Timings And Results Of The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023? 

You can stay updated with the match timings and results through official tournament websites, sports news platforms, or by following the official social media handles of the tournament.

Will The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Be Subject To Changes? 

While every effort is made to adhere to the schedule, unforeseen circumstances may lead to changes in the match schedule. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest news and announcements regarding the tournament.

Are There Any Knockout Matches In The Women’s T20 World Cup 2023? 

Yes, the Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 includes knockout matches, such as the semifinals and the final, where the top teams compete for the ultimate prize.



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